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Dealing with an arrest? It's a frustrating and stressful experience. You will have questions and need answers that are concise and accurate. Don't stress over the situation. Call the professional bail bonds agents at Mesquite Bail Bonds at 702-342-1019 and get the answers you need to have peace of mind. Much of the information about how a bail bond works will be given to you when you fill out the application. During the course of the case, other questions may arise. If this happens, we are here to help you get the answers you need.

In the state of Nevada, a bail bond that has been issued and accepted by the court will not expire. It will remain in place until the completion of the defendant's court case, at which time it will be released back to the co-signer as long as all fees, court costs, and restitution has been paid. The only time a bail bond will expire is if the application was completed but never turned into the court. In this case, it will expire one year from the date it was filled out.

Property is often used to secure a bond when the co-signer can't raise the cash that is needed or if the court requires property be used. Immigration bail bonds are normally secured by property simply because a person is less likely to avoid court if their actual property is used to secure their bond. Various types of property can be used such as vehicles, real estate, businesses, and jewelry. If real property is used to secure a bail bond, it must be valued at one and a half times the total value of the bond. For example, if your bond is $10,000, your property must be worth at least $15,000 to be eligible. It must also be owned with a free title, meaning no liens or judgments against it.

When a bond is written over the phone or through a fax or email, you will have to pay for it with either debit/credit card or an electronic transfer. When these methods are used, the money is exchanged immediately allowing the bail bonds agent to post the bond as soon as the transaction is complete. Otherwise, they would have to wait until the co-signer dropped off the cash or check at the office.

In most cases, if you have been charged with a felony, you will not be able to leave the jurisdiction of the court. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, have no prior criminal history and have strong ties to the community, you may be allowed to obtain permission from the court to work outside the court's jurisdiction as long as you agree to return for all of your hearings and scheduled appointments.

When a defendant is released on bond, one of the primary stipulations is that they are not charged with any additional crimes. If they do receive additional charges, they may be required to remain in custody until their trial date. There are instances where a second bond may be written if the charges were minor and the defendant is not a flight risk.

That will depend on how much you paid to secure the bond. If you paid cash to cover only the premium and court costs, then no. If you used real property to secure the bond, you will get the property back once all of the court costs, fees, and any awarded restitution has been paid. If you posted a cash bond without the use of bail bond agent, then you would get back whatever was not used to pay the court fees, costs, and restitution. For example, if you paid $5,000 to post bail and the accumulated fees came to $1,000, you would get $4,000 back.

In order to be a co-signer, you will be required to meet specific requirements. First and foremost, you must have the financial means to pay for the bail bond in the event that the defendant chooses to skip bond or fail to appear in court. Secondly, you must be able to provide a valid form of identification and a permanent address. You must provide accurate contact information so the bail bond agent can remain in contact with you at all times.

The state-mandated premiums are non-negotiable to prevent bail bonds agencies from overcharging or undercharging for their services. The right to post bond is awarded to individuals in the United States by the 8th Amendment of the Constitution. The non-negotiable premium means that everyone is required to pay the exact same amount without judgment or prejudice. The premium is non-returnable because it is used to pay the bail bonds agency once the case is closed and the defendant has been released or sentenced.

Once the case has been closed, the bail bond will be exonerated allowing the funds to be released back to the co-signer. This can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days or longer for a check to be issued. If the bond was secured by real property, the process may take up to 60 days, depending on the situation and how long it takes for the court costs and fees to be paid.

As a co-signer, you have the right to change your mind and no longer be responsible for the defendant's bond. If you learn no information that causes you to think that the defendant may be thinking of skipping out on bail or is involved in additional criminal activity, you can contact the agents of Mesquite Bail Bonds and ask to have the bond revoked. Once you make the agent aware of what is going on and why you want to revoke the bond, they will begin the revocation process and attempt to find the defendant and return them to the custody of the jail. Once the defendant has been placed in custody, the bail bond agent will then petition the court to release the bond so that you can be relieved of your obligation. Keep in mind that the premium will not be returned once the bond has been revoked. The only time money will be returned is if you paid a cash bond, in full at the time bond was posted.

For large bonds, especially those over $10,000, the premium can be more than what many people have in savings. If this is the situation, you may be able to finance the premium amount if you meet the eligibility requirements. You must be employed full-time, have a permanent address, and be able to show financial responsibility for the bond in its entirety before you can apply for financing. Once it has been established that you are eligible for financing, the bail bond agent will prepare the necessary paperwork and get the process started. It's important to remember that even though, you have paid off the premium, you will still be responsible for the full amount of the bond during the time the case is open. If you choose to revoke the bond before you pay off the premium, you will still be obligated to pay the rest of the premium in full due to it being a mandated fee that has been put in place by the state.

The majority of people who are out on bond make their court dates without any difficulty. There are instances, however, that can force them to miss their court date. Unexpected illnesses, traffic accidents, forgetfulness, or simply not writing the information down are all reasons that defendants have missed their scheduled court dates. If, for any reason, a defendant misses court, the first thing they need to do is immediately contact the court to let them know what is going on. If a bench warrant has already been issued, the judge will more than likely withdraw the warrant, reinstate the defendant's bond, and set a new court date. As long as this does not become a habit, the judge will normally forgive a first or possibly second offense.


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