Using A Call Center For Your Bail Bond Company

Bail bond companies charge almost equal rates between 10% to 20% of the total bail amount. The services of these agencies are also the same, meaning there is cut-throat competition in this industry. To accelerate your agency’s growth and survival in a market like this, you need to hire an call center to answer incoming calls as your bail agents focus on helping existing clients.

The process of securing bail is complex, and bondsmen want to concentrate on one case at a time. Having to balance between assisting existing clients and answering incoming calls will result in poor services, hence the need to have bail agents focus on securing pretrial release only and having an call center provides customer service. The benefits you will derive from choosing call operators for your bail bond agency are:

  1. You Provide Bail Support to Clients When They Need It the Most

A person can be arrested any time of the day or night, on weekends or over the holidays. This is when they are most vulnerable and need your help most because no one wants to spend time in police custody or jail, even if they have been there before. Upon apprehension, the arrestee will be given a chance to call a bond agent to arrange their release, and this is the time they call your company. Live operators will be available round the clock to help the defendant with the information they need regarding their release.

For example, assume a client has been arrested at night for flouting curfew hours or drinking and driving. These individuals will contact your company right away to begin the process of bail to avoid spending time behind bars. By having bail bonds call operators available and willing to answer these calls and provide support to defendants, your firm stands out among competitors giving you a competitive advantage.

  1. Maintain a Running Record of Calls and Voicemails from Defendants

Your company is in the business of helping defendants secure a pre-trial release. Therefore, you should expect calls round the clock from several defendants who want to be free as they await trial. Knowing how to differentiate these call and voicemail records is critical in service delivery. Every call is locked in the portal with an call center, regardless of whether the defendant left a message or spoke to a live operator. This will make it easy for you and your bail agents to view the calls to provide the necessary bail information.

Furthermore, the call and voicemail records help your business trace frequently asked questions (FAQs) by defendants. These questions will guide your company when updating new information on the company website or the agency’s FAQ site. Moreover, the calls provide you with a deeper insight into the clients by providing you with information to answer questions.

  1. Your Bail Bonds Agency Stays Open When the Unexpected Happens

An arrest can occur under various circumstances, during bad weather, power outage, or snow when the circumstances aren’t good for your employees to operate. So, the defendant or arrestee will need help posting bail not to spend more time behind bars. Without live operators ready to answer the defendant’s call at this hour and guide them through the bail process, you will lose many clients because many will rule you out based on unreliability. However, if you are working with an call center, call agents will be available during these unexpected situations enabling the agency’s operations to proceed as usual.

Furthermore, you won’t need to record missed calls or leave voice recordings for your client. If a few defendants call and reach your company at this hour of need, word will spread that your company is open during the disaster. Therefore,  more people who end up behind bars at this time will contact your company for help with bail.

  1. Allows Bail Bondsmen to Focus on Their Core Objective

The most distracting element in your company is the unending calls from defendants who want to be freed from jail. Although a surge in the number of callers demonstrates that you are in business, the calls can interrupt your bail agents from focusing on what is more important, which is posting bail to secure defendants’ freedom as they await trial. An call center will help the agency avoid these interruptions because they will handle the customer service needs of the business as you and your bondsmen men focus on giving defendants a chance to defend their charges while out of jail or custody.

  1. Your Bail Bonds Agency Stays More Organized Even When It’s a New Entity

When a defendant calls your company, they want help to free you from jail quickest possible. Only a well-organized bail agency can help a defendant post bail on the same day. The call agents will organize the calls from clients and collect crucial information like the jail or police cell where they are held, the arrestee’s name, and the offense they are alleged to have committed. Arrestees will have a menu option where they can contact various departments in your company. If each department has at least two bondsmen, it will look bigger than it is because of the excellent organization.

Moreover, how calls are answered and routed to the respective bail agents is organized, meaning there will be quick service delivery, which arrestees want.

  1. Confidentiality for Defendants is Ensured

Many arrestees want to keep their arrests confidential because of fear of denting their reputation. When they call to share the details of their arrest, like the crime they have committed and where they are held, it’s essential as a bail agency to ensure this information remains private and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. An call center will guarantee confidentiality, and only the authorized parties will access this information. You can even create login details to limit the number of individuals accessing the information, thus preventing interference with the data. If arrestees trust that their data is in safe hands, they will be sure to return in case of another arrest or refer other arrestees, which will go far in growing your reputation.

  1. Your Bail Bonds Agency Will Save Money By Using an call center

Working with virtual receptionists in your agency is cost-effective because you don’t need to invest the company’s money in recruiting new permanent receptionists and training them, an expensive process. Furthermore, because virtual receptionists are not permanent employees, you don’t cater for their benefits which lowers the business’s expenses. Although you might decide not to recruit and have existing conventional receptionists answer the calls, this might draw them from other duties, thus affecting business operations. Also, because these individuals lack the skills and training possessed by live operators, there are chances they might provide less than stellar customer services, and this might push away customers because of a damaged reputation.

However, you just need to pay for every call they make or respond to it with an call center. Therefore, you don’t pay for the hours these people are not working. When business is down, you don’t need to worry about paying a fixed cost for the call services because you will be paying for the few calls, thus saving the company money.

Moreover, these virtual receptionists have the training and experience required for the job, and they have an employer who takes care of their benefits. Therefore, you will worry less about investing money in training and paying new receptionist workers’ benefits, something that will reduce your expenses significantly. Your in-house receptionists will also focus more on their duties, allowing the virtual receptionists to answer calls from defendants and do it effectively, building the company's reputation and improving customer service.

  1. Your Bail Bond Agency Can Reach a Greater Demographic

For your business to grow, you need to reach new clients, but this is always impossible due to the language barrier. As a small agency, you may want to tap on the rapidly growing Spanish population to expand your bail company. However, because you lack bilingual receptionists or don’t speak the defendant’s language, the business might be lost.

An call center will provide your company with bilingual and multilingual virtual operators. Whenever an alien who doesn’t speak English is arrested and wants to post bail, if they call your company, they will find a call agent who understands and appreciates their language, thus receiving bail services. Bilingual live operators will explain to the client what the company is about and the bail services you offer.

Further, if the bail is urgent, these live operators can route the call to your or one of your bondmen to handle the case. They can also take messages in English and forward them to you or the staff to begin working on the issue. Providing services to aliens who don’t speak English means your business will have found a new demographic or population.

  1. call centers Provide Crucial Information To Your Bail Bond Agency

Partnering with live operators will significantly boost your company because they will provide you with valuable information that you couldn’t have otherwise enjoyed with in-house receptionists. Live operators will catalog each incoming call and message, thus providing the business with information on the defendant’s profile. These professionals not only record inquiries by defendants, but they also record the time the call was made, the duration, and the location the call was made from, giving your company valuable information that could guide in strategy development and decision making.

If most of the frequently asked questions by the arrestees contacting the company are on the rates, you can provide this information on your website. For questions about the location of the bail bond agency, you can give the map of your area on the site so that new customers who want to bail a loved one out of jail don’t have to call the company to ask for directions. Instead, the map provided can guide them to your offices.

  1. An call center Will Offer Additional Services to your Bail Bond Company

Live operators will not only answer your calls. Part of their primary services is to take messages from arrestees and answer any questions regarding the release process using bail. Provide these experts with FAQs or a tailored script on how they can respond to some of the inquiries from defendants. These individuals will offer more specific responses to clients, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Ensure that the tailored scripts are up to date for the customer to obtain the latest information regarding the agency when they have inquiries. By providing adequate and accurate information to arrestees, live operators can make customers happy, which is critical in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

  1. They Give Your Bail Bond Company a Personal Touch

Arrestees will feel more comfortable and valued if they call your company and speak to a live operator and not an answering machine. When a live person answers some of the questions they have regarding the bail services, they will feel the personal touch. An automated voice from the answering machine is frustrating because it tells the arrestee to leave a message, something very few clients do. Many of them will call your competitors, and you will have lost business.

When a human answers a call, the arrestee feels more reassured because live operators give you a personal touch and provide professional call centers.

  1. call centers Give your Bail Bond Agency the Chance to Test their Services at Zero-Obligation.

Reputable call centers give free trials to bail bond agencies to experience the benefits before starting paying. You will have a chance to test the features of their system to have a sense of what clients will feel. A pre-trial helps you to understand how the call agents work and how they will impact your operations. 

How Do I Choose the Right Bail Bond call center?

Working with an call center can benefit your bail bonds agency greatly, but you need to choose wisely for this to happen. The above tips can guide you in hiring to ensure your firm and clients gain from these services.


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